The Atiya Joanne Custom Couture Brand was created by Atiya Joanne Lewis herself! Atiya Joanne is a clothing brand that caters to every size women, to appreciate the curves of the modern day woman. Joanne serves as a way to showcase and be an outlet to the beautiful shapes and beauty of her customers. Through custom cut garments & couture designs, Joanne services women of curvy shapes & sizes to love themselves always and forever. 

Atiya is the founder and designer of AtiyaJoanne from Philadelphia, Pa. Inspired by the beautiful nature throughout her city and role models in her life; her designs have evolved to incorporate a mixture of silhouettes, sharp lines, shapes, textures, & patterns. AtiyaJoanne sets the trends for the plus size community by showing off and showing out instead of hiding and covering up. She steps into her customer’s shoes to understand their ideas to create AtiyaJoanne custom couture designs.

"Where I turn a vision into reality”–Atiya Joanne

With many years of seamstress and designing experience, Atiya has become an established designer over time. She, conceives sketches, creates garments, and pattern making but develops them as well. AtiyaJoanne has a Fashion Design degree from Moore College of Art & Design; she has rapidly grown as a designer & overall businesswoman. She is always busy with her unique & creative concepts, but still developing time & space to remain a dedicated in the fashion industry. 


 AtiyaJoanne designs to find the confidence that lives within every woman. She believes all women should love and admire themselves no matter of their shape and size. Your beauty holds within and out.

"Love yourself always and forever" –Atiya Joanne